Our Winter Haven salon offers three types of hair extension application techniques suitable for a range of hair textures and budgets:


A method of pressing and heating extensions to the hair and scalp that are attached to strips of tape.


A method of braiding strips of hair to pre-existing strands.


A method of fusing keratin-tipped extensions to your natural hair.

It’s always important to ensure that your hair extensions match your natural hair color, texture and shape as seamlessly as possible. Our Winter Haven hair experts will help you find the perfect hair extension based on looks and budget. We always make sure that your extension is the right hair density so that there is no unnecessary or excessive pulling at your roots, causing painful damage. For example, thick, coarse hair works better with an extension of similar density, whereas silky, fine hair will suit a lighter density extension. Our trained and experienced professionals will always ensure to apply your extensions with as much care and precision as possible. It is our duty to protect your hair!

We have a variety of different tints and colors that range from natural all the way to neon. The great thing about hair extensions is they are highly suitable for those who like get creative and play with color, but don’t want to commit to dyeing their hair and risking the damage.

Types of Hair Extensions

Natural (Human) Hair

Natural hair extensions are high-quality and result in a silky smooth and well-blended extension. They tend to be a bit more expensive, but the investment is well worth it as the results are long-lasting, lustrous and natural. Virgin hair is hair that has never been chemically processed, and gives the softest and most natural effect.

Synthetic Hair

Synthetic hair extensions are more affordable than their natural counterparts, however they do not last as long and are harder to match with your natural color and texture. However, they are great for those Winter Haven clients who want to test out if hair extensions are right for them without spending lots of money up front. With synthetic extensions, it is important to limit heat styling and to be extra careful when brushing your hair.

With both hair extension types, it is recommend to treat them gently and with extra care. The last thing you want is to tug or pull at your extension, causing your roots to take on a lot of stress. We always recommend that our Winter Haven clients go to bed with a protective hairstyle such as a loose bun or braid, as hair is prone to tangle and break while you are sleeping. We also recommend that you wait until your hair is dry before you attempt to brush it, as brushing hair while wet causes tears and breakage to occur.

If you have any other questions about different hair extension brands, colors, textures or applications, please call our Winter Haven salon to speak with one of our friendly team members!